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Our 5’x10’ CNC Router incorporates speed and reliability to our production floor. It gives us the ability to produce projects quickly without comprising quality. Using it’s MultiVision Digital Registration System we’re able to route our prints with ease. Our spindle has a Knife, Routing Bit, and a Multipurpose Head that allows for creasing and angular cuts. Materials it can cut through include Plastic, Acrylic, Wood, Foam, Non-ferrous metals, and Composite materials.

CNC Oscillating Knife System - Foamcore

Knife system cutting through 1/2" foam core. These were oversized props used for a department store.

CNC Router Bit - Acrylic

The router is cutting through 1/4" white acrylic. The brown face is a protective coating and is removed after routing is complete.

CNC Router Bit - Dibond

The router is cutting through 1/8" brushed aluminum dibond. The finished product was a lion that was direct printed and used as a prop in a store window.

CNC Router Bit - Plywood

The router is cutting through 1/8" birch plywood.

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