Adhesive Fabric

Used for wall murals and art prints, these self-adhesive fabrics come in a variety of finishes. We stock a linen and canvas texture, but have access to many other options. They are also removable and repositionable making them excellent for retail and residential use.


Adhesive Vinyl

Also referred to as SAV or Wrap Vinyl, this material is used for everything from Decals to Wall Murals. It comes in a variety of custom colors, including translucent, mirror, metallic and reflective. We also custom print patterns, graphics and Pantone colors to it. Brands we carry include Avery, Oracal, 3M and FDC.



This vinyl substrate comes in a wide range of weights and finishes and is used for outdoor and indoor advertising. Banner vinyl is used for trade shows, store promotions, barricade wraps, and light pole advertising. We offer banner finishing services like, grommets, hems and pole pockets. We also offer vinyl mesh as an alternative to standard solid banner vinyl. Mesh is used for building wraps, high wind areas, and construction fences.


Fabrics and Canvas

There is a wide range of fabrics we can print on. Our latex ink works well on polyesters and canvas, while out UV and Solvent inks work on natural fibers and cotton. Common uses include backdrops for window displays, stretch canvas wall art, and prototyping upholstery fabric.


G Floor

A heavy weight, commercial vinyl flooring that is digitally printed 2nd surface. It is extremely durable, easy to clean and makes for excellent retail graphics, advertising, museum flooring, tradeshows and sporting events. These graphics do not need an adhesive to stay down and can be reused and moved easily.



A protective coating used on Adhesive vinyl, wallpaper or Photo Paper. It comes in a variety of finishes, but most typically Matte, Gloss, Luster or Textured Non Slip for floor graphics. Laminates can also be used reduce UV Color Degradation, Dry Erase applications and Anti-Graffiti protection. We offer a variety of Cold PSA (pressure sensitive application) and Hot Melt options.


Magnetic Material

Sheets of printable magnet material. Excellent for easy on / easy off vehicle signage and in store displays. Magnet is excellent in retail environments as many store fixtures are made from metal and magnet provides a simple and clean installation.


Magnetic Receptive A digitally printable, iron based paper that sticks to magnetic sheeting. We use the Visual Magnetics system of Invisilok and Poly8 Receptive, for easy to replace retail graphics and wall art.


Photo Paper

There is a variety of poster papers, ranging from high end matte to quick turnaround bond. We stock a wide range from 20lb Architectural bond Paper, to 370GSM Heavy Luster, to fine art watercolor.


Rolled Styrene

A thin plastic that is directly printed on using UV or Solvent technology. Styrene and HIPS (High Impact Poly Styrene) is typically used in retail environments where paper may not last long enough. It is also used for shelf talkers, counter cards and sign inserts. It can also be used as backlit graphics. These are typically stocked in a .015 and .020 Translucent and Opaque varieties


Static Cling

Similar in application to Adhesive Vinyl, Clings use static charge to stick to a substrate. It is recommended on glass and allows for an easy install and mess free de-install. Clings can also be reused if properly stored. Static Cling comes in both White and Clear. Clear Cling, combined with our UV White makes for some impressive window graphics.


Wall Papers / Wall Coverings

There are a wide range of digital printable wall paper and wall mural substrates. These materials offer added versatility and durability over adhesive vinyl. There are multiple finishes available and come both self-adhesive and glue on traditional. We stock a wide range of materials from Converd, Korographics and Dreamscape.


Wheat Paste Paper

This is a lightweight, resin infused wet strength paper that is used with wall paper glue or wheat paste. Typical applications include barricade posters, movie and event posters and concert signage.


Window Perforation

Used to advertise on store windows, but only partially blocking the natural light or view out. Window perf is applied like adhesive vinyl and but tiny holes are knocked out in a perforated pattern. This is typically 50/50, 60/40 or 70/30 depending on the type of graphic and amount of light coming through the customer wishes to have.