A thermoplastic that comes in a variety of colors, thicknesses, sheet sizes and finishes. We can fabricate and direct print or mount to acrylic. Acrylics can be laser cut, CNC Router Cut, flame polished, and heat bent to create amazing displays and works of art. Clear Acrylic has the optical clarity of glass, making it a more durable replacement for graphics and signage. Acrylic is also known by brand names such as Plexiglas or Lucite and can be either cast or extruded depending on the end result or fabrication technique.


Dibond / ACM Board

This is an Aluminum Composite board, made from two thin sheets of metal and a plastic core. It comes in a variety of surface finishes and colors, but most commonly white and black or a brushed aluminum texture. It is excellent for direct printing or mounting to or used structurally by folding and fabricating with it. We use dibond for signage, barricade graphics, construction signs, and pedestals.


Falcon Board

This honeycomb cardboard material is extremely rigid and dimensionally stable. It is offers excellent printability, is extremely light weight and can be direct printed, mounted to, or used structurally. Falcon board is also available with wood veneer facers, and can be black, white and Kraft colored. It is also recyclable.


Foam Board

Sheet sizes up to 4’x8’ and thicknesses of 1/8”, 3/16” and ½” are available. We use foam board for inexpensive signage and temporary displays. It’s an excellent material for direct printing and fine details can be cut using our CNC Knife system.


Gator Board

A more rigid type of foam core that uses wood veneer as its outer layers. Gator comes in 4x8 and 5x10 sheets and ranges from 3/16” to 2” thick. We typically use this material for semi-permanent displays, for structural builds or for printed collateral that should have a higher end look and feel.



Medium Density Fiberboard is basically engineered from sawdust and glue. It provides a super smooth fabrication surface and is relatively inexpensive. We use it for Pedestal production, in store displays, and dimensional text. It can be wrapped in graphics, CNC cuts easily and paints really well.


OSB and Particle Board

These are pressed board materials. OSB is used for structural support and is made from wood glued wood flakes. Particle board is made from wood chips and sawdust. We use particle board as a base for veneers and laminates when making furniture and displays.



Also referred to as PET, PETE, this is a plastic resin of the polyester family that is used to make beverage, food and other liquid containers, as well as for some other thermoforming applications. We use PETG as an alternative to acrylic and it works very well for UV printed Backlit graphics and for fabrication where folding and bending is appropriate.



A glued and layered wood board. It varies in surface quality depending on the end use. We use lower grade plywood for structural builds and support and higher grade plywood for direct printing, furniture fabrication and laser cutting/engraving.


Poly Carbonate

Also known as Lexan or Makrolon this is another alternative to Plexiglas. We use Poly Carbonate in replace of plexi for outdoor or temperature sensitive applications.


Sign Foam

Also called Art Foam or HDU Foam, this is a dense foam sheet used for 3-Dimensional Carving. It is available in different densities, depending on end use and can be 3D routed with very fine detail. It can then be sanded and painted to create signage, props, Mannequins, dimensional letters and architectural elements.


Sintra / Foamed PVC

This is an expanded or foamed PVC board. It is excellent for direct printing, is light weight and fabricates really well. We use sintra when the product needs to be more durable than foam core and it’s excellent for store signage, custom made pedestals, and outdoor use.


Styrene Sheets

Similar to rolled styrene, the sheet version comes in greater thicknesses like 1/8” or ¼”. We use Styrene Sheets in place of Sintra when a smoother finish is needed. Styrene can also be laser cut as it contains no Chlorine.


UltraBoard or GatorPlast

Like Foam core and Gator Board this is a foam material with styrene facers. It is lightweight, resists warping, is impact resistant and provides a flat, smooth print surface. It is excellent for signage, kiosks, and POP applications.