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New! OKI ColorPainter 104"

OKI's newly developed low odor, eco-solvent SX ink offers a wide color gamut, high vividness, high density, excellent outdoor durability and exceptional productivity. Also, SX inks are certified to GREENGUARD Gold standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air. (Credit: OKI Data Infotech)

Seiko High Speed Solvent Inkjet

Our 64” solvent ink machine is a production workhorse. With the ability to print full rolls in under an hour with excellent resolution and color quality, this printer keeps our shop moving. Featuring CMYK+LcLmGy ink sets, the color gamut rivals that of many other printers on the market. We print poster paper, adhesive vinyl, banner and window perforation here and the results are always stunning.


CET 64” UV CMYK + White Ink

UV inks are the most durable on the market. They are cured instantly by ultraviolet light and stick to almost any surface. Our roll fed UV system uses CMYK + White ink to print directly to clear and colored materials. It also allows for complete control of the White Spot Channel, making for even gradations and multiple opacities. We use this machine for clear 1st or 2nd Surface Static cling, Optically Clear films and materials not specially coated for printing.

Seiko M-64S Printing Canvastac

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