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R29 Beach House: Freestanding PVC Wall, Acrylic Sign, Custom Surfboards, and CAD Cut Decals

Last week we produced and installed many decorative elements for the R29 Beach House in Montauk.

Starting from the upper left, we produced a freestanding outdoor backdrop made of PVC. The material we used for the graphic is paintable. If you search #R29BeachHouse on Instagram you can see how it transformed into an amazing work of art.

The next photo is a frosted orange acrylic sign for Three Olives. Because this material isn't readily available we created it ourselves. We printed the translucent orange background and Three Olives graphic using white ink to optically clear adhesive vinyl, applied a frosted laminate and mounted it to the acrylic.

The surfboards came from We printed waterproof, marine-grade contour cut vinyl and applied them to the boards.

We created an indoor photo booth backdrop (lower left photo). This is adhesive vinyl applied to 3/16" foam core.

Finally, we produced some contour cut logos using white adhesive vinyl.

Hope you like what you see. Stay tuned for our next post!

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